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Montessori Method was discovered by an Italian Educator - Dr. Maria Montessori in the year 1890. From that time on the first Montessori school for little children was founded by her in the year 1907, as of now the world has more than 22,000 Montessori schools. Among them are 5000 Montessori schools that has been established in the US and 600 schools in the UK. In the year 1929, Maria Montessori founded the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) with the motto to maintain and preserve the integrity of her philosophical and educational perspective even when she is gone.

Based on this, Tiny Flower Montessori School (TFM) had a long-term orientation in applying the Montessori Method of Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) intended for some special classes from 0-3 and from 3-6 years old. Montessori Teachers at TFM have AMI Certificates after completing the training standards of the International Association AMI that was recognized and used in more than 110 countries that has shown quality and very strict training standards, being recognized in accordance with the philosophy and perspectives of Dr. Maria Montessori when she was alive.

In addition to this, TFM has a team of experienced and dedicated teachers. The teachers of TFM have strong understanding with potentials in observing and are capable to create activities suitable for the children by age and a profound understanding of the theory of Education, on the growth and development of the children.

In the classes of Montessori Method, TFM creates a standard classroom environment in harmony with the development needed by the children is always considered the first priority. The learning materials of the pilot Montessori classrooms of TFM are being equipped and are actively supported by Montessori Vietnam Association - the representative of  Nienhuis Montessori Netherlands in Vietnam. Nienhuis is a manufacturer of Montessori materials with a world leading reputation and quality with nearly 100 years under the permission of AMI. The Montessori materials are set with the standards that can support the approach for the comprehensive development of physical, intellectual and emotional aspects of the children.

Since the time it is being stablished up to present, the trust and confidence from parents are always a motivation for TFM to constantly improve and develop. With the enthusiasm of the educators, we hope to bring good values for an outstanding development of the children in Vietnam in the future. As a pioneer school in Vietnam applying the method of AMI, we believe that the Montessori method of AMI will be associated closer to the communities in Vietnam.


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